The Initiative

In this Sci-Fi novel, Parker Sperry, a brilliant young neuroscientist, is compelled to join a nefarious underground group intent on controlling the world’s population through futuristic brain control technology—he must stop their plans before it is too late.

Sperry, 28, thought he was just marrying Sophie, the beautiful daughter of multi-billionaire Samuel Winstrom. But after being made the Executive Vice President of the Contracts Division at Winstrom’s massive international pharmaceutical company, his new father-in-law compels him to join a clandestine project known simply as, The Initiative. Winstrom intends on using the young neuroscientist’s unique brilliance to further the project’s goal to control the world. After the reluctant Sperry receives direct threats to the lives of the people closest to him, he agrees to work for the covert project.

Through a series of revelations, Sperry learns the true nature of The Initiative, which sets him on a course to build a team to stop their plans. He must convince his wife, Sophie, along with his father, Jeffrey, his police officer brother, Flynn, and a brilliant technology professional known as Ghost, to join his covert effort to halt the project. This sets him in a dangerous struggle against Winstrom and his secret worldwide network. In a dramatic final showdown, Sperry executes his plan against Winstrom and his malicious project. Will he stop them in time?

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