William O’Beirne lives in a future oppressive,
hive-like land,  formed from the remnants of
a crushed earth.

He is brilliant, and inquisitive, well beyond his hive peers. It takes little effort for him to learn Apidae’s true repressive nature. His unlawful desire for self-expression attracts attention from cluster leaders, which results in his placement on a permanent watch list.

When the secret love of his life, Isabelle, contracts a deadly disease, William embarks upon a life-threatening journey into Apidae’s northwestern mountains, where he hopes to find medication to cure her. His mission to save her life places him on an unavoidable course to leave the land. He must learn to circumvent, and disable, controlling technologies meant to ensnare him with the slightest misstep.

The hive employs brain control circuits; video camera monitoring, Intelligent Character Recognition Readers, cluster surveillance drones, and the unstoppable pursuit of the frightening, blue-eyed and robot-like Milo to stop all rebels from escaping the land.

Covertly racing across the hive, will William save Isabelle
before it’s too late?

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Gabriel’s Quest – The Awakening

Lord Gabriel, a prince from the Royal Family Azarael, is on a climbing expedition
in the Azarael Range with the royal court when Continentem Praespero suffers a devastating surprise attack from Continentem Bellor. The attack results in the death of half the Praesperan population. His father, King Azarael, sends him on a secret quest to restore the land. He will sail west to the Latus Oceanus, where his team will enter the mountains of the Custelle
Range to reach the well-hidden Transitus, a robust technological platform he will use to counter the enemy’s assault.

The Bellorans, having inserted one of their spies inside the royal court, learn of Gabriel’s sailing mission to the west. The enemy locates the royal craft and executes a vicious attack on the ship using their particle beam cannons. Confronted with no choice, as the vessel explodes, the prince leaps from the ship into the turbulent oceanus carrying nothing save a large duffel bag filled with supplies. The powerful currents sweep him to shore.

Alone and seriously injured from his leap from the exploding ship, Lord Gabriel hikes across the land with his quest left in ruin. He encounters Aylin, a young and brass citizen from Imperium Bénézet. With a near instant attraction to her, she becomes the first, and most important person in his rebuilt squad, intended to bring peace, and restoration to their people. With her help, Gabriel builds a new team to assist him but, standing in his way is Borra, the field leader of Bellor’s assault on his land.

As Lord Gabriel’s team strives for the Transitus, Aylin is captured by Borra’s soldiers, resulting in a vicious battle at Shepherd Lake. During the violent conflict, he defeats the Belloran army, thus saving the love of his life, while opening a clear path to the Transitus. Borra flees the battlefield to return to Bellor to seek guidance from Sovrano Erebus, the master of the continentem, while Gabriel prepares for their ultimate confrontation on the plains of Praespero.

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Parker Sperry, a brilliant young neuroscientist, is compelled to join a nefarious underground group intent on controlling the world’s population through futuristic brain control technology—he must stop their plans before it is too late.

Sperry, 28, thought he was just marrying Sophie, the beautiful daughter of multi-billionaire Samuel Winstrom. But after being made the Executive Vice President of the Contracts Division at Winstrom’s massive international pharmaceutical company, his new father-in-law compels him to join a clandestine project known simply as, The Initiative. Winstrom intends on using the young neuroscientist’s unique brilliance to further the project’s goal to control the world. After the reluctant Sperry receives direct threats to the lives of the people closest to him, he agrees to work for the covert project.

Through a series of revelations, Sperry learns the true nature of The Initiative, which sets him on a course to build a team to stop their plans. He must convince his wife, Sophie, along with his father, Jeffrey, his police officer brother, Flynn, and a brilliant technology professional known as Ghost, to join his covert effort to halt the project. This sets him in a dangerous struggle against Winstrom and his secret worldwide network. In a dramatic final showdown, Sperry executes his plan against Winstrom and his malicious project. Will he stop them in time?

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 “An angry husband and father. His missing family.”

“Mysterious strangers obstruct his path.”

With three days until Christmas, Aedan O’Beirne is in his typical foul mood, which worsens after he learns Ciara, his wife, is pregnant with their second child. He hates Christmas. He does not want children. He loves Connor, their young son, but for Aedan one child is more than he ever wanted. For him, it seems a return to high energy life in Chicago’s Loop slips farther away with each child born.

Afraid he will lose his job, he speeds away from their suburban home to attend the most important meeting of his career. Once in the Loop, he finds himself surrounded by mysterious strangers who seem intent on preventing him from appearing at the firm’s largest gathering in its history.

In this contemporary thriller, the suspense and mystery heightens as he pushes through one obstacle after another to save his job after his life takes a terrifying turn when he learns Ciara and Connor have disappeared. He sets out on a transforming and pain-filled race to find them. Alone, bloodied and bruised, he carves a path across the Loop and to the suburbs searching for his family. He knows he must locate them before the first stroke of Christmas, or he will lose his family forever. His love for them comes into sharp focus with each passing hour.

Set against the background of Chicago’s beautiful urban landscape filled with historic towers and skyscrapers, 39 Sixty does not release the reader’s interest until the last page is complete.

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