Gabriel’s Quest

In this fantasy story, Lord Gabriel, a prince
from the Royal Family Azarael, is on a climbing expedition in the Azarael Range with the royal court when Continentem Praespero suffers a devastating surprise attack from Continentem Bellor. The attack results in the death of half the Praesperan population. His father, King Azarael, sends him on a secret quest to restore the land. He will sail west to the Latus Oceanus, where his team will enter the mountains of the Custelle
Range to reach the well-hidden Transitus, a robust technological platform he will use to counter the enemy’s assault.

The Bellorans, having inserted one of their spies inside the royal court, learn of Gabriel’s sailing mission to the west. The enemy locates the royal craft and executes a vicious attack on the ship using their particle beam cannons. Confronted with no choice, as the vessel explodes, the prince leaps from the ship into the turbulent oceanus carrying nothing save a large duffel bag filled with supplies. The powerful currents sweep him to shore.

Alone and seriously injured from his leap from the exploding ship, Lord Gabriel hikes across the land with his quest left in ruin. He encounters Aylin, a young and brass citizen from Imperium Bénézet. With a near instant attraction to her, she becomes the first, and most important person in his rebuilt squad, intended to bring peace, and restoration to their people. With her help, Gabriel builds a new team to assist him but, standing in his way is Borra, the field leader of Bellor’s assault on his land.

As Lord Gabriel’s team strives for the Transitus, Aylin is captured by Borra’s soldiers, resulting in a vicious battle at Shepherd Lake. During the violent conflict, he defeats the Belloran army, thus saving the love of his life, while opening a clear path to the Transitus. Borra flees the battlefield to return to Bellor to seek guidance from Sovrano Erebus, the master of the continentem, while Gabriel prepares for their ultimate confrontation on the plains of Praespero.

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