Ashes to Apidae

In this Sci-Fi story, William O’Beirne lives in a future oppressive, hive land,  formed from the remnants of
a crushed earth.

He is brilliant, and inquisitive, well beyond his hive peers. It takes little effort for him to learn Apidae’s true repressive nature. His unlawful desire for self-expression attracts attention from cluster leaders, which results in his placement on a permanent watch list.

When the secret love of his life, Isabelle, contracts a deadly disease, William embarks upon a life-threatening journey into Apidae’s northwestern mountains, where he hopes to find medication to cure her. His mission to save her life places him on an unavoidable course to leave the land. He must learn to circumvent, and disable, controlling technologies meant to ensnare him with the slightest misstep.

The hive employs brain control circuits; video camera monitoring, Intelligent Character Recognition Readers, cluster surveillance drones, and the unstoppable pursuit of the frightening, blue-eyed and robot-like Milo to stop all rebels from escaping the land.

Covertly racing across the hive, will William save Isabelle
before it’s too late?

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