I was born in Chicago. I worked for seventeen
years as an Information Technology professional,
with twelve of those years spent in Data Center Management, Infrastructure, and Design. I attended college in the Chicago area.

I write techno-thrillers, science fiction, and science fantasy novels. Previously, I published my first novel titled, 39 SIXTY, which is the first book in my, THE PATH TO APIDAE, series. 39 SIXTY is available for purchase at online retailers.

On July 09, 2016, I released a techno-thriller titled, THE INITIATIVE. The book is available at Amazon in Kindle format–the print format will follow in the future.

On May 18. 2017, I released another novel titled, GABRIEL’S QUEST – THE AWAKENING, is a science fantasy novel. That is the first in my, RESTORATION DÓCHAS series. My plan is to release at least two novels each year, and I will go back-and-forth between my planned series. 

I also have several non-fiction Catholic books published–you can find them listed on this site by using the menu feature above.

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Thank you for visiting,

T.P. Johnson