Christians: Mirrors can make harsh friends!

Christians: Mirrors can make harsh friends!

Dear Readers,

Most people tend to see their own image in mirrors multiple times each day. We often feel a sense of dissatisfaction with our reflected selves–we’re too heavy, too thin, not enough hair, too much hair, not enough makeup, too much makeup, wrinkles creeping across our face, and bags under our eyes. To one degree or another, most of us do this dance with the mirror at the start and end of every day.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and contemplated the state of your soul? Behind the everyday view of our face and bodies lies our soul. We can’t see it, though for those of faith we know it’s there and we know it is the animating force of our lives. Do you ever wonder what our soul would look like in that same mirror? Would it have an angelic appearance, or would it come closer to an image of Marley’s Ghost from, “A Christmas Carol?”

We each sin, it’s not a maybe or an if, it’s a spiritual truth that we all sin. Do we carry those sins through our lives, allowing them to weigh down our souls with chains we can’t see in the mirror’s reflected image? If we were able to use a mirror to look at the state of our souls, what would we see? Would you want to see the state of your soul if you could?

This is the time of year for contemplating such critical issues. With Christmas a scant three weeks away, perhaps it’s time we clean our spiritual houses. For Catholics, that is best done by going to a Priest for Confession, after which our souls are cleaned of all sins, and we are restored to a right relationship with God. This takes a genuinely repentant heart (which entails an authentic turning away from the sins in question).

How different would the world be if people repented and worried more about the state of their soul, than of the state of their everyday appearance?

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