Full print cover for upcoming novella release!

Full print cover for upcoming novella release!

Dear Readers,

This novella represents a different path for me since up until now I have written full length books in fiction and non-fiction. This first part of, Releasing Kailyn, is approximately 20,000 words long, which is about one-quarter to one-fifth the length of a full novel; however, this story will contain at least four parts, which will bring the total to 80,000 words or higher. Here is the rear cover description:

Aaron and Kailyn, young, married, and deeply in-love, knew they had bright futures stretching out before them. They set out on a drive to the Rocky Mountains for a short vacation, alone. Not long after a casual stop for donuts and coffee, and having made a quick stop at a high rest area among the peaks, everything changed for them, forever.

The book will release within a week on Amazon in print and Kindle formats, soon after, it will be available at Barnes & Noble in print and Nook formats. Please watch for new blog posts announcing the actual release.

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T.P. Johnson


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