Why aren’t K-12 Catholic schools full?

Why aren’t K-12 Catholic schools full?

This post will be reasonably short compared to previous articles.

I’m curious, and would like to get some opinions from Catholics. The world today is in a chaotic mess, and many avenues to a sound education are simply not as good as they were in the past, yet Catholic school enrollment is down. I’m wondering what the reasons might be. When considering all objective measures, Catholic schools perform better in every academic category (including, reading, math, and science), and teachers in Catholic schools are able to teach (and openly discuss) the Christian faith. Certainly, cost is a problem for many parents, and yet it seems sacrificing capital to provide a better education is worth the effort.

Even if you don’t care about the faith, Catholic schools have a higher graduation rate, higher college enrollment, and higher scores on all standardized tests. So, what’s the deal? Why aren’t more parents sending their kids to Catholic schools?

This topic is easy to research, yet if you CLICK HERE, you can read one source.

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