Enter to win my fantasy novel, GABRIEL’S QUEST

Enter to win a Kindle copy of my fantasy novel, GABRIEL’S QUEST.

Injured, lost, and confused, Lord Gabriel, the prince of the Royal House Azarael, strives to restore his land after a horrific surprise attack results in the loss of millions.

In this science fantasy story, Gabriel’s homeland, Continentem Praespero, suffers a devastating attack from Continentem Bellor. He sails west to the Latus Oceanus, where he will enter the mountains of the Custelle Range to reach the well-hidden Transitus, a robust technological platform he will use to counter the enemy’s assault. During a dark stormy night, his ship is attacked by the Bellorans, causing him to leap from the vessel before the enemy’s powerful particle beam canons kill everyone on board.

Alone and injured from his jump from the exploding ship, he treks across the land with his quest for restoral left in ruin. He encounters Aylin, a young and brass citizen from Imperium Bénézet. She becomes the first, and most important person in his rebuilt squad, intended to bring peace, and restoration to their people. With her help, Gabriel builds a new team to assist him but, standing in his way is Borra, the leader of Bellor’s assault on his land.

Will Lord Gabriel stop the Bellorans before it’s too late?

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