Trial – Are you guilty of being a Catholic?


The year: 2040 CE.

The Location: A court somewhere in the United States.

Defendant: Peter Roman.

Charge: Mr. Roman was accused of being a Catholic — a serious crime. 

Possible sentence: Variable. Life imprisonment up to capital punishment.

Jury: Twelve members of his societal peers.

Judge: The Honorable J.I. Secularist.

This was a ground-breaking case of one man who fought for his life after receiving the charge of living as a Catholic in his public life. Mr. Peter Roman was married and a family man with five children. Evidence gathered against Mr. Roman during the trial (as taken from the court’s transcripts of the prosecutor’s case) reveal his guilt:

1. The defendant and his wife had five children, despite the law prohibiting families from having more than two. Mr. Roman claimed he was following the teachings of his church.

2. The defendant and his wife are on record as having married in a Catholic Church, rather than the civil court house in which ninety-nine percent of all couples (of all types and configurations recognized by law) marry today. Again, Mr. Roman claimed they chose this unusual and anti-society location for their marriage because he and his wife were following their faith. He made this choice despite knowing that the government has formally banned recognition of marriages in any such houses of ancient fantasies, which means they are not legally married in the eyes of the state and their acts are a direct violation of law.

3. The defendant is known to possess, in the Roman family home, several versions of what are known as Bibles, or sacred texts in the mythical traditions of the dangerous past millenniums. He is further known to regularly read those texts.

4. It is proved through video and audio records, that Mr. Roman attended a Catholic Church regularly, as frequently as weekly, and on occasion, he was known to participate daily. He did that despite the law stating citizens may visit such places once per year, as an act of learning about dangerous myths, not for worship.

5. The defendant, from sworn testimony by his neighbors, was known to pray daily, and sometimes more than once a day, and he made use of the banned item once known as a Rosary. He continued his anti-cultural praying despite the many loving admonitions from his neighbors.

6. The defendant, despite acknowledging his awareness of the laws prohibiting evangelizing, committed such acts no less than 100 times, which were proven by eyewitness accounts, video and audio recordings, and from the witness of those who had seen him attend the Catholic Church. He has attempted to speak with others repeatedly to convince them to accept his belief in a mythical deity—this is, as we all know, the most grievous crime of all.

The defendant, Mr. Peter Roman, despite the many warnings issued from the Honorable J.I. Secularist, chose to defend himself.

In his defense, he brought forth a false reading of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. His understanding of that amendment was declared invalid by the Supreme Court in a 9-0 ruling in the year, 2030 CE. In his presentation, he made the claim that the first amendment was intended by the founders to provide a free exercise of their religion both at home and in public; however, that understanding is entirely incorrect since the amendment was not intended to be understood in such a perverse manner.

That comprised the full extent of the defendant’s case.

The Honorable J.I. Secularist gave the jury strict instructions to ignore the defendant’s statements since they were based on a legally stricken understanding of the first amendment.

The jury unanimously concluded that Mr. Peter Roman was not only guilty of being a Catholic, he was also guilty of attempting to share his faith with the public and of making a seditious attempt to sway the public from the healthy following of state laws and regulations designed to provide them a life free of all myths and pain.

The Honorable J.I. Secularist sentenced Mr. Peter Roman to death. The sentenced was carried out on public television for the entire population to witness on December 25th, 2040 CE. Additionally, the Honorable J.I. Secularist, took the Roman children away from the defendant’s wife and awarded them to the care of the state, with a frightening warning to Mrs. Roman to denounce all followings of her husband.

Mr. Roman’s example shines as a towering example of the dangers of wandering into myths from the ancient world.

The above scenario strays from present day reality; however, two important questions arise from this tale:

1. Do you believe it is impossible for such a society to rise from our culture?

2. Considering your own faith, no matter which religion you follow, would a court find you guilty of the crime of following your faith? In other words, would there be enough proof (in your life) to convict you of such a crime?

Christians (from all denominations) are called to be the light of the world. We are called to be known (privately and publicly) as followers of Christ. Do those around you see your faith in action, or do you keep your faith well hidden from everyone? Have you ever given real thought to the First Amendment and our founder’s desire to allow every citizen the ability practice their religion as they see fit, without harassment by the state?

Would you, like Mr. Peter Roman, be guilty of holding a deep and abiding faith?

Thanks for reading,

T.P. Johnson


2 Replies to “Trial – Are you guilty of being a Catholic?”

  1. 1. Do you believe it is impossible for such a society to rise from our culture?

    YES! The scenario put forth may take place in 2040, but similar laws arose in NAZI Germany in the 1930s. Only NAZI pagan marriages were legal. There were many Christians, in particular Catholic priests, murdered in the “Death Camps”. There are other occurrences that took place in “civilized” countries of the 20th century. The list of religious atrocities is too long to put here.

    The lesson being that ordinary folks must be ever vigilant to protect their religious rights.

    Can it happen in the USA? YOU BET IT CAN!

    Look up Madalyn Murray O’Hair – American atheist.

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