What should we pass down to our Children?

Think of one key!

If—you, as a parent or family member, can give a child one key, what would that key be?

I can think of many skills I’d like to see my kids develop, such as a proficiency in Reading, Math, Science, Writing, Grammar, English (and perhaps a second or even third language). I’d like them to have friends and place an effort into sports and music, and various other activities that help make a balanced person. And, what parent does not desire for their kids to be a person of character and moral strength, not swaying in the breeze of societal temptations that seek to entice them to reject their basic values.

I believe that for a person to have authentic balance, they must (for me this is an absolute) have faith in God. Obviously, there are many different religions, and billions follow faith systems far from Christianity, yet I firmly believe that having an authentic belief in God places a person in a stronger position, than those who do not.

Individuals who have faith tend to be happier, and in my view, that happens mainly because most major faith systems teach the truth that life is a struggle, which leads those people to feel less like a victim when life makes its inevitable downturns. People of faith expect life to be filled with ups-and-downs, and therein lies a major key to happiness. It is easy to cite the suffering throughout the world—it is quite another thing to have the ability to accept that pain as being a built-in part of the human condition and that God does have a purpose for all suffering. Of course, we hold great sympathy for those in pain, and we will continue extending a hand to those who need help, without complaint or whining; however, I do believe people are far more hopeful and happier when they attach themselves more fully to God. How can anything be more important for our children, than the gift of authentic hope that helps carry us through life?

Therefore, my key for kids is faith in God.

What’s your key? What do you most want to hand down to your children?

Thanks for reading,

T.P. Johnson

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