Doing everything well!

There is an old saying: If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well!

Do you follow that saying? Do you try to do every task well, or do you care only about paid jobs?

There is the famous account of St. Francis Assisi. He was working in his garden (per his daily schedule), when he was asked what he’d do if he knew the world would end that day. He replied that he would continue working in his garden since that was the duty he was scheduled for at that moment.

There are valuable lessons in that account. If we have taken care of the health of our soul, then when the world ends with the Lord’s return, we should be found doing the work we were apportioned to do, because work is good both from a physical world point of view and for our eternal souls.

Work is good for humans—no matter where we find ourselves. From the highest levels to the lowest, all tasks must be accomplished in a responsible manner—even if those performing certain duties do not enjoy their work. Many people run from the work they must do, but they do not seem to grasp the truth that having a purpose in life creates healthier people.

Do not misunderstand when I use the word, “work” in this post. I am not speaking of the good works that the Bible speaks of; rather, I am talking about our daily jobs, professions, tasks, duties, etc., that we must complete. Let’s be honest—sometimes completing our daily tasks is not easy and it is the last thing we want to do. Yet, in a general sense, doing our work does create a sense of purpose and health, and those around us need us to take our duties seriously, just as we expect the same from them.

Some may question how some lower paying jobs can create purpose, and this is where we must pause and think about what life would be like if those jobs were never done. What if buildings were not maintained or cleaned? What if trash was never collected (what if, what if, what if…)? Imagine what the world, and our lives would be like if people never (or rarely) did their jobs well. Think of the thousands of things that must be done and picture what would happen if everyone stopped giving an honest effort to their work. Society would fall into a massive mess in a hurry.

It is critical that we do all tasks well—whatever the job is and no matter the chore or duty. Here is a difficult challenge: Can you start, today, to do all your work and tasks with a happy attitude, knowing that the duties you are performing must be done, and therefore must be done correctly and well? That is often a tough trial—to act happy even when we have good reason not to do so. Cleaning a bathroom is a thankless job, yet it must be done, and even those who do those tasks appreciate being able to use properly cared-for facilities. Therefore, from high-paid actors to millionaire business people, to bathroom cleaners and trash collectors, we all must pull together on life’s rope and do all tasks well. Remember, if you can find no joy in your work, you can make a change and find joy in striving for a profession that you will bring you increased happiness. The choices belong to us, yet regardless of the jobs we have—let’s commit to doing them well and with a happy demeanor.

Thanks for reading,

T.P. Johnson

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