If you have an interest in buying one of my novels, please take note that Amazon is now showing some of my books as “out of stock” or only available through third parties. This is NOT true. I am working on the issue, and I’m hopeful Amazon will correct the product page listings soon. My books are all published through IngramSpark–they are available for immediate (POD) print and delivery; therefore, Amazon listings should never show out of stock or third party only statements for my books.

Update (07/05/2018) Number 1: Amazon refuses to change the out of stock status of my books, claiming it is an issue with IngramSpark, which is provably impossible since several of my books from IngramSpark are available for order. I will continue to work on resolving this issue, yet Amazon is a massive company and getting them to correct my listings is not going to be easy. My books are available to order from almost all other online retailers, if you have an interest in my novels, please order them through a retailer other than Amazon. If this problem persists, I might have to pull my books from Amazon and sell them only on sites that will list them as available for sale. Press on a book cover’s link (below) to see the description page, which contains a short list of sellers outside of Amazon.

Update (07/05/2018) Number 2: I have been working to resolve this issue and I must confess it might not be solvable. Amazon is stating it is IngramSpark’s fault. IngramSpark is saying all they can do is resend the metadata for my books, which would take 30 days for Amazon to accept and implement (and at that point Amazon could still list my books as being out of stock, which would just kick the issue ahead another month, etc). But, here’s the real problem: Amazon already has the current metadata for my books and Amazon knows my books are from IngramSpark and Amazon knows my books ARE available to order, but for some reason Amazon is listing some of my books as either out of stock or only available through third party sellers. This is a horrible situation because I cannot remove Amazon from the IngramSpark distribution list without removing my books from all other retailers. As an author, this a true nightmare because if I leave my books on Amazon in an out of stock status, I will lose sales. If I try to break free from Amazon, then none of the other retailers will receive the metadata for my books. I can’t sell through Amazon, nor can I break away from Amazon to have my books sold everywhere else. I suppose that’s a checkmate situation.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience. For now, I hope you will order my books from other sellers (until Amazon corrects the product pages for my books, which does  not seem possible anytime soon).

T.P. Johnson


Dear Readers,

Welcome to my internet home.

My novels are now available in wide release. I have posted the covers for each book below. If you would like to learn more, or if you’d like to purchase a copy, double click on the book cover of interest and you will be taken to a description and purchase page. Please leave comments in the box below.








I write novels in the fantasy and science fiction genres. Presently, I’m working on a the fourth book in my fantasy series, Battle for Dóchas. The series will span 6-8 volumes.

Take note that my novels have transferred publishers, from 7 Ones Press, to Kepha Press.

I strive to bring entertaining books to market. Comments help me know how I can improve my books. If you’d like to join my email list, please enter your address in the box below.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you discover many terrific books,

T.P Johnson


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