This is the second book in T.P. Johnson’s latest series, PAINFUL STEPS. In this book, the acclaimed author of the Battle for Dóchas saga continues the account of Aaron Wright’s attempts to restore happiness to his life.  

After leaving Poughkeepsie, NY, he journeys west to a town named, Honesta. After setting up camp outside the small town, a vicious spring storm rushes across the region spawning a tornado that devastates the small village.

Aaron races back to Honesta to help those stricken by the horrible storm. As he works his way through the wreckage, and after he helps several people trapped inside crushed buildings, the smart, young, beautiful, and accomplished reporter, Mary Clarke, re-enters his life. She joins him in his quest to help the people in the town and in the process an unspoken romance begins to develop between them.

How will Aaron respond to the challenges he faces while journeying across the country? Will the romance between him and Mary grow?

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T.P. Johnson

T.P. Johnson brings us a sweeping tale about a prince and his valiant quest to restore his land after a surprising deadly attack wipes out half its population.

Sent on a mission to save his land, Lord’s Gabriel’s ship suffers a deadly strike while sailing tumultuous seas, Prince Gabriel escapes death by leaping from the sinking vessel. He drifts to the southwestern shores of Continentum Praespero, where he wanders, alone, through vacant farmlands until he encounters Aylin, a brass citizen from Imperium Bénézet. She joins him as he treks across the land allowing his injuries time to heal. Throughout his journeys, he gathers a group of trustworthy people to his side. Can Lord Gabriel lead his forces to victory before the enemy can bring further carnage.


Lord Gabriel has encountered the enemy, the Bellorans. Can he and his forces find success against the evil oppressors during the Battle at Shepherd Lake?

In this, the second novel in his, Battle for Dochas, series, T.P. Johnson continues Lord Gabriel’s quest to restore his realm after millions perished in the cruel Belloran attacks against his people. He has learned nothing of the fate of the king and queen, nor of the members of the royal court. He is forced to assume he alone must restore the land. After moving across the land with quiet determination, Gabriel and his troupe enter the dark domain of the Forest Tenebris seeking safety from the pursuing Bellorans. When Gabriel and Aylin become separated, she is apprehended by Borra, the cruel enemy from the Continentem Bellor. Her capture results in Lord Gabriel setting out to free her from the clutches of his evil adversary, knowing his designs will lead to a deadly Battle at Shepherd Lake.


Filled with rage, Borra prepares a devastating attack against Praespero, while Lord Gabriel constructs an intricate plan to defeat and vanquish the Bellorans from his land.

In this, the third volume in his series, Battle for Dochas, T.P. Johnson continues Lord Gabriel’s quest to restore his realm after millions perished in the cruel Belloran attacks against his people. Gabriel and his closest aides, after descending from the Custelle Range, reunite with the rest of their team. They enjoy a hearty celebration hosted by the happy folk from Imperium Kilkenny. After the festivities conclude, Lord Gabriel secretly dispatches small squads across the continentem to assist him in his plans to defeat the enemy. Meanwhile, to the east, across the Parvus Oceanus, Sovrano Erebus, the cruel ruler of all Bellor, commands the spiteful and vicious Borra to release an attack against Lord Gabriel and his growing army. As his squads strive to carry out his orders, Gabriel journeys alone to the mountains of the Azarael Range, where he will continue his mission to restore the land.


A fun trip taken. While high in the mountains, a routine stop brings tragedy.

In this heart-breaking romance story, Aaron and Kailyn are young, married, and deeply in-love. They know they have bright futures stretching out before them, with plans to start a family and settle into a quiet life in Oak Valley, a distant suburb of Chicago, Illinois. They set out on a drive to the Rocky Mountains for a short vacation, alone. Not long after a casual stop for donuts and coffee and having made a quick stop at a high rest area among the mountain peaks, tragedy strikes, and everything changes for them, forever. This is the first book in T.P. Johnson’s latest series. In this first part, the acclaimed author of the Battle for Dóchas series brings a tale of sudden loss and the resulting pain it brings.


In this romantic thriller, T.P. Johnson brings us a fast-paced tale about Parker Sperry, a brilliant young neuroscientist who finds himself forced to join an underground project intent on controlling the world.

Parker marries Sophia, the beautiful daughter of multi-billionaire Samuel Winstrom. After they enjoy a stunning honeymoon on a remote island, they appear destined for a happy future together, until his new father-in-law compels him to work for him. Winstrom intends on using Parker to further his nefarious plans. After the reluctant Sperry receives direct threats to the lives of the people closest to him, he agrees to work for the covert project. Can Parker and Sophia break free from Winstrom’s tight grasp?


William O’Beirne lives in a future oppressive hive-like land born from the remnants of the earth left in ruins after the Day of Reckoning.

It takes little effort for William to learn Apidae’s true repressive nature. His unlawful desire for self-expression, especially his growing love for Isabelle, draws attention from cluster leaders, which results in his placement on a permanent watch list. To control its population, the hive employs brain control circuits; video cameras, Intelligent Character Recognition Readers, cluster surveillance drones, and the unstoppable pursuit of the frightening Milo intent on the destruction of all disobedient hive units. Can William and Isabelle escape the crushing control brought by Apidae and its leaders?


39 Sixty is a high stakes romantic thriller.39 SIXTY

With three days until the holiday, Aedan O’Beirne discovers his family is missing. He has until the first stroke of midnight on Christmas Day to find them, or he will lose them forever.

In this romance story, the tension increases as Aedan sets out on a transforming and pain-filled race to find his family. Alone, bloodied and bruised, he carves a path across Chicago’s Loop and to the suburbs searching for his family. His love for them comes into sharper focus with each hour passed. Set against the background of Chicago’s beautiful urban landscape filled with historic towers and skyscrapers, 39 Sixty does not release the reader’s interest until the last page is complete.

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